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There are over 60 licensed growers throughout Australia growing Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn. Sir Walter turf requires a license to grow and sell it. To qualify as a Sir Walter grower, our licensing authority imposes strict
conditions. A certificate of authenticity should be supplied with each purchase to ensure the premium grass you are being supplied is genuine Sir Walter Turf.

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There are many cheaper and inferior versions of soft leaf buffalo available, but Sir Walter is Australia's no. 1 buffalo lawn and is the only grass type to be regularly audited by us to ensure the standard and quality of grass you are receiving is at a premium.

Register your Lawn
When you receive your turf, you will get a Certificate of Authenticity to verify you have purchased Sir Walter. If for some reason you do not receive a certificate, keep your receipt and contact us and we will investigate the matter for you.

You can register your lawn here

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